As many of you have seen on social media, yesterday I underwent a second surgery on my left lower leg in a bid to address the chronic Achilles pain I’ve had since 2012.

I wanted to outline the details surrounding the injury so as to give clarity to those who have asked questions surrounding my health/fitness in the past few months.

Having trained and raced through a significant degree of pain after my last surgery in 2013, and tried on the surface to display a positive outlook, I eventually had to take an objective and pragmatic look at the results being achieved and make a decision with Rio and the Portland World Indoors in mind.

I think most who have looked at my results in the past 18months would agree they are not up to the standards expected of a World Finalist. I am harder on myself than anyone and therefore do not want to continue a pattern of mediocrity and interrupted preparation due to this ongoing issue.

With that in mind, we got further scans done on the area and found a few more minor areas of concern, that if addressed, would almost certainly clear this up.

Yesterday, I had surgery under the guidance of Dr. Amol Saxena and I thank him greatly for his work. It is early days but the procedure was successful and I am feeling good today, if a bit groggy from pain meds.

It has been a long road since 2012 and my first Achilles flare-up. I want to thank those who have stood by me through some dark days. I’ve not been easy to deal with during the height of my frustrations and am so grateful to have an amazing advisor and friend in Chris Layne who has been there through it all. My coach Mark Rowland has also borne the brunt of my reactive tendency in times of injury and has been so patient. I have a medical team I truly believe in the Merrills medical support spearheaded by Dr.john ball and David McHenry. Nike Sports MKTG in the US and Europe have shown faith in my ability through all of this, along with Chris Cook and the great folks in Nike Running Footwear. Athletics Ireland HP have backed me throughout and helped support me medically beyond anything one would expect. I am surrounded by a terrific support structure. Thank you all.

As many of you know, I spent much of this year training with my primary training partner Ben Blankenship. My own injury stuff hasn’t diminished my joy at his amazing performances this year so far. He is killing it, and I couldn’t be prouder having seen his work ethic and competitiveness all winter. Look forward to training with you again soon buddy. I’ll be cheering loudly for you and all the OTC at USAs.

Lastly, thanks to each of you who have reached out and showed support throughout this injury period. I want nothing else but to show that injury can be overcome and that a positive mindset and diligent rehab/work ethic can trump even the most bleak of circumstances. It’s 427 days to Rio and I fully intend on being there, kicking ass and proving the struggle was worth it all in the end.

Thank you.


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