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Before there was the Swoosh, before there was Nike, there were two visionary men who pioneered a revolution in athletic footwear that redefined the industry. Bill Bowerman was a nationally respected track and field coach at the University of Oregon, who was constantly seeking ways to give his athletes a competitive advantage. He experimented with different track surfaces, re-hydration drinks and – most importantly – innovations in running shoes. But the established footwear manufacturers of the 1950s ignored the ideas he tried to offer them, so Bowerman began cobbling shoes for his runners. Find out more


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It doesn’t matter where you train and compete – on the field, court, rink, road, snow or in the water – carbohydrate will be the critical factor that determines how strongly you perform and whether or not you endure and fight to the finish.

GENR8 has a single aim: create, develop, validate, and market performance nutrition products that inspire and sustain confidence. For GENr8, confidence is defined by products that are university proven to work better than the “gold standard” and by products that are truly safe for both aspiring junior athletes and professional/Olympic athletes who are scrutinized for the use of banned substances. We have an unrivaled commitment to unique performance nutrition supplement development, demanding substantial research on our actual products (not just ingredients), conducted at world-class universities, BEFORE they are offered for sale. We subject each batch of EACH product to analytical testing by the only World Anti-Doping Association-accredited laboratory in North America. Find out more


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For close to half a century the Oregon Track Club has been the quiet force behind Eugene’s image as the “Track Capital.” From all-comers’ meets to Olympic Trials, the Eugene-based club has been instrumental in promoting track and field and running for all facets of the community.

In the spring of 1949, Bill Bowerman, the newly appointed track coach at the University of Oregon, decided something needed to be done to stimulate interest in track and field during the summer months, so he staged an all-comers meet for grade school athletes. Fifteen people showed up.

The next summer he held an all-comers meet for high school seniors and college-age athletes. Twenty people showed up. With help from the Eugene Active Club, the meets became a regular fixture at what was then a cinder practice track immediately west of Hayward Field. Find out more