Mad Len Strikes Back

It’s part two of our engaging interview with Ciarán Ó Lionáird where he tells us about a typical day of training up at altitude. Read more


A day in the life of a Nike OTC ELITE miler
Typical workout morning: Ciaran O’Lionaird


Achilles healed; Ó Lionáird back on track

Ó Lionáird delves deep into his recent history, both on and off the track, and explains why he absolutely despises cross training, and how he made it back to fitness despite having a career-threatening injury for 18 months. Read more


Ciaran O’Lionaird on Career – Tracktown


Defending Principle 6, Sport as a Human Right

There is something truly captivating about the crucible of Olympic competition. From growing up as an avid sports fan, to competing in the Olympic Stadium in London two years ago. Read more


Time ‘in the zone’ about as good as it gets for athletes

There is a good line from Greg Louganis which I’ve always subscribed to. He surmises that sport, at its most perfect, is simply ‘meditation in motion’. I had reason to quote him recently in an interview with Ciaran O’Lionaird, currently our best middle-distance runner. Read more


Ciarán O’Lionáird backs LGBT protests at Winter Olympics

Irish athlete Ciarán O’Lionáird has backed calls for athletes to protest Russia’s controversial LGBT laws at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi. Read more


Ciaran O’Lionaird talks to Off The Ball

Ciaran O’Lionaird burst back onto our sporting radar last March at the European Indoors. He’s now building to this year’s Europeans in Zurich and joined us in studio.

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